Today Deptford, tomorrow the World!


Deptford the global local city.

Over the next 10 years an new influx of ‘non-natives’ will walk the streets of Deptford. Part of an ongoing and never ending period of flux driven by trade, employment and now global capital. 6 major developments will bring over 5000 new dwellings to Deptford, sold into a global housing market – trading hands numerous times before being inhabited by new locals. As we enter this cycle of rapid change, MAP Deptford sought to document the past (memory) and future (desires) in two separate sessions. Mapping desires sets out to challenge the written/drawn future for this area of London, providing local citizens with a platform to draw the future they want to see without the confides of economy or purpose, a utopian vision for what Deptford could become.


Squats and Self Builds an alternative housing symposium – June 11th

Orchards, Nut Groves and ‘Deptford Farm’ – A child’s imagination for what’s missing from the city

Independent businesses not corporations – “Bring back our live music venues”

Green factories for Green Jobs 

Islands in the Thames – “If they can do it in Dubai we can do it in Deptford”

and the reassurance ‘We are not Shoreditch

I imagine Shoreditch was once like Deptford, a local neighbourhood which has now become global. How can we bring these desires to life and resist through positive action. CHANGE is inevitable and essential process in urban development – just think about the history of the place. How can we make this process more fair and retain the identity of place?