Steal Deptford


You eat different language to me.

On creating this series of events, which aim is to engage and activate a local audience to collaborate and discuss the current state of Deptford as a citizen space, and more currently Deptford’s changing physical and social landscape.

Something you don’t realise you might learn along the way, is new language. Language that has been embedded in the area for as long as anyone cares to know. Perhaps longer. Being that Deptford was a major a port of London, import/export was high, thousands of goods and objects passed through it’s port and along with that obviously a vast amount of sailors, crew, ship builders, and men from far and not so far lands.

Their likely destination beyond their duties, a local pub, and with that and twist of tales and ales to wash down stories from far and wide and certainly new words, language and lexicon would be traded, accepted and shipped out from many of these public houses.

Learning that we had named our first event STEAL Deptford when we had only intended for it to be known as EAT Deptford was the first of these understandings. What other new or old languages does Deptford hold, past, present and future will likely birth a multitude. We set out to talk about food but here I am talking about language. It’s no suprise really when food has been described as the language of love. Food is the physical edible holder of culture, invention, and nutritional necessity.

Does Deptford need a dictionary? Can we hold its history in some pages? We’d love if you have any local lexicon to share, please comment below with any thoughts.