Exploring local identity, gentrification and the role of the citizen in Deptford.
 Saturdays at The Old Tidemill Garden.

Five monthly markets exploring local identity, gentrification and the role of the citizen in Deptford. Each market will create a forum and event to discuss issues affecting Deptford’s local identity. Themes range from food, the high street, performance, radio and mapping.

Events are run by Assembly and public works, in collaboration with other local artists and community groups.


15/04 11 AM - 5 PM

Trade stories and identity in exchange for a feast of local produce sourced from Deptford’s incredible high street.

Join us to explore the offerings of Deptford’s historic market, meet the traders who sustain the market life and collectively eat a feast of Deptford produce.

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07/05 11 AM - 5 PM

Join us in creating our own visions for development sites across Deptford. We want to take back the advertising space developers have replacing their ideas with places Deptford really wants.

In order to better understand the impact of development on Deptford’s identity, we intend to map the future development sites, beat the bounds of Deptford and talk with the communities struggling to retain their local identity.

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04/06 11 AM - 5 PM

Radio Deptford is a chance to broadcast the voices of Deptford. Join us to go out into every annex of the community to record the stories, views and incites of the often unheard and excluded groups in the area.

These recording will then be played live as part of a pirate radio show back at Tradeptford. Come and speak about the issues affecting the area and help us broadcast Deptford’s Identity on the airwaves.

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To better set the stage for exploring Deptford’s identity, ACT Deptford will start to unpick the forces at work, the structures of power, being played out around us. To do this we must act.

Theatre of the Oppressed will help us physically, emotionally and verbally act out the issues affecting Deptford. We will shine a light on the changes happening under the guise of ‘gentrification’, reshaping the landscape and in turn, our collective identity.

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03/09 11 AM - 5 PM

Over the course of the 5 previous markets, we have explored local identity, gentrification and the role of the citizen, building a physical platform ‘A.g.o.r.a’ to host the public and share democratic debate.

It is now time to hand over this platform to Deptford Neighbourhood Action (DNA), a community group of local activists forming a neighbourhood plan. A symposium of performances, mappings, food and events – a market of activity reflecting Deptford’s local identity.

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Tradeptford and the events are operating from The Old Tidemill Wildlife Garden site.

Old Tidemill Garden, Reginald Road Deptford SE8 4RS

The project is run by Andrew Bellfield and Owen Hodgkinson, of Public Works and Assembly.

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Enzo Mari

Enzo Mari

Enzo Mari designed a simple construction system to be used for furniture where each component is a standardised size and simply needs to be assembled using screws or nails. You could call him the original ikea.

This system has been adapted to create the event space for the forum.

Thank you

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